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Presence in stillness

November 4th - 5th

„To be heard and to be held is to be healed“ Mike Boxhall

The technique of presence in stillness is a way of working developed by Mike Boxhall (1931 – 2019) aimed at knowing and exploring our ability to be present and in contact with ourselves.

It is about providing a context that allows us to explore, in a safe and enjoyable way, what our usual ways of paying attention are and how these make it difficult or enable us to live daily experiences with full awareness of ourselves and authentic attention to those around us.
The word presence in this sense refers to attention in the here and now. The word stillness refers to the receptive attitude of observation, without intention or attachment to what emerges in each one of us and in those who accompany us. in every moment.
In this way we want to explore levels of consciousness which are beyond the separation of pathology.


„There is a great Intelligence at work. It is called wisdom and it is located in the heart. It is the same wisdom that is also at work at the core of emotional and psychological work.“


The objective of the groups is to discover spirituality as an experience lived by the body.

Spirituality as an embodied experience, through the body.

Along with the challenge that the spirit is not anywhere else, nor is it something to be achieved, but rather an essence in each one of us, happening exactly here and now.



Alles rund um den Kurs

registration:Simon Hausner 

email: mail@simon-hausner.de

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    saturday 4th of november, 10- 18h
    sunday, 5th of november 10-16h 

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    Osterloh 1, 83317 Teisendorf

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    260€, including food and accomodation 

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    arrival time:
    friday, 3rd of november, between 5pm and 8pm

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